Find your balance


Acupuncture is certainly the best-known method within traditional Chinese medicine. Hair-thinneedles are inserted into acupuncture points to influence malfunctions in the body via the nervous system and restore inner balance .

It is used to treat a variety of complaints such as headaches, joint pain and rheumatic diseases, but is also suitable for treating internal illnesses and relieving stress.

Healing warmth


The word
comes from the Japanese.
means Herb and moxibustion burning mugwort over certain parts of the body. It serves to warm the body and promote blood circulation by widening the blood vessels.

This centuries-old healing method is particularly effective in the treatment of illnesses caused by cold, but also for relaxing the muscles.

Relieve your pain

Cupping therapy

Like moxibustion, it is one of the warming methods of TCM. Cupping glasses are placed on the skin to improve circulation and relieve pain and tension.

This method is particularly suitable for the treatment of tension, but also for the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases.

The power of nature

Chinese herbal therapy

This form of treatment uses a variety of herbs to treat health imbalances.

It can be helpful for a range of conditions such as neurological and psychosomatic complaints, as well as mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.