Personal acupuncture therapy at your home

Acupuncture home visits

Experience the individual care provided by Matthias Gebert with home visits in Stuttgart and the surrounding area of Backnang.

Each treatment is tailored to your personal needs.

Find your balance

Pricing for home visits

  • Costs for a home visit: 90 Euro/h
  • Including travel expenses: 10-30 Euro

Your advantages

  • Personalized treatment tailored to you
  • The comfort of treatment in your own environment
  • Flexibility and adaptation to your schedule

Your bridge to natural healing and well-being

Services for home visits

  • Acupuncture treatments for a variety of complaints
  • Comprehensive advice and support
  • Support in relieving pain and promoting freedom of movement
  • Advice and treatment for internal and gastroenterological complaints
  • Specialized treatments for women’s health
  • Therapy for allergies and respiratory diseases
  • Treatment of neurological and psychosomatic illnesses
  • Support for mental health problems such as depression and anxiety

Contact for your home visit

Are you interested in a home visit?

Contact me for more information or to make an appointment.

I look forward to offering you a holistic and personalized treatment.