About me

My journey to becoming a naturopath

Accompany me on my personal and professional journey, which has taken me from migraine treatments in the Swabian Alb to acquiring extensive knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathy in Mexico City and finally to opening my naturopathic practice in Stuttgart.

Comprehensive training and practice

My training with renowned teachers such as Dr. Tomás Alcocer and Dr. Nguyen Tai Thu as well as my experience in various areas of naturopathy and acupuncture have shaped my holistic view of health.

After a long time in Mexico, I returned to Germany to deepen my knowledge by training as a non-medical practitioner in Berlin and finally opened my practice in Stuttgart.

Through my travels, I have not only deepened my language skills in English (switch to English version) and Spanish (switch to Spanish version), but also learned to treat patients in these languages. These intercultural and language skills enable me to provide individualized care for my patients from different countries.

Continuous further training

I am always dedicated to continuing my education in various areas of naturopathy in order to refine my treatment methods and keep them up to date.

Education in chronological order

  • The Shang Han Lun in practice, classic Chinese herbal formulas
    since Nov. 2023, Shou Zhong, Berlin, Lecturer: Nadine Zäch
  • The practice of Jing Gui Yao Lue, classical Chinese herbal formulas
    2023, ABZ Mitte, Offenbach, Lecturer: Nadine Zäch

  • Training in Chinese medicinal therapy


    Shou Zhong,


  • Advanced training in ear acupuncture according to Noack
    July 2021, ABZ Mitte, Offenbach with Carmelo Smorta
  • Advanced training in pain therapy according to Liebscher and Bracht
    May 2021 Lecturer: Bernd Huber
  • Licensed as a non-medical practitioner by the Lichtenberg health authority, Berlin
    November 2020
  • Training as a non-medical practitioner
    January 2019-March 2020, Arche Medica, Berlin
  • Meditation retreat with
    Eric Pema Kunsang

    Access to the videos

    April 2018 La casa del Dharma, Mexico City
  • Advanced training in Mindfullness based Addiction Recovery MBAR according to

    Dr. Valerie Mason John

    Mindfulness and meditation for the care of addicts.
  • Classical texts of Chinese medicine: Huang Di Nei Jing, Su Wen

    nstituto Alcocer de Medicina Tradicional China

    , Mexico City
  • Needle stitch techniques and needle manipulation
    2010-2011 Instituto Alcocer de Medicina Tradicional China, Mexico City
  • Clinical acupuncture: pulse and tongue diagnosis, point combinations, the acupuncture prescription, treatment strategies

    nstituto Alcocer de Medicina Tradicional China

    , Mexico City
  • Teaching congress “Neurovascular Diseases” with Dr. Shi Xuemin (Tianjin, China)
    November 2007, Centro Médico Nacional, Mexico City
  • Basic training in acupuncture and moxibustion (in cooperation with the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Tianjin, China)

    Instituto Alcocer de Medicina Tradicional China

    , Mexico City

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